I am a private collector of Damascus Steel knives and Hatchets, and also offer these highly collectable knives to collectors, hunters, biltong carvers, outdoorsmen and as well as gifts for the high-end corporate gift market. Customers can expect these knives to last a lifetime of use and enjoyment, and then passed on to the next generation.


Damascus steel blades are created by forging multiple layers of various steels into a solid block called a billet. The billet is then folded and re-welded and re-heated several times to create multiple layers and patterns. Master craftsmen handcraft these knives to extremely high standards, and therefore no knives are exactly the same, thus resulting in a high level of exclusivity. Damascus steel knives are generally made from a combination of 1075 high carbon steel and 4340 or 15N20 high nickel steel. Damascus steel patterns vary and may include raindrop, ladder, basket, and other patterns.


Blades are heat treated to exacting requirements to 57-62 HRC depending on the type of steel used which ensures long lasting cutting edges without compromising blade toughness. The handle materials include various types of Bull horn, Stag horn, Camel bone, Water buffalo horn, olive wood, rosewood, ebony wood, end various other hardwoods, and often has solid brass bolsters. Our knives and hatches are normally supplied with custom made genuine leather pouches or sheaths.


All Damascus knives and hatchets offered are part of my private collection and are in stock and ready for shipment as soon as payment advice is received. Parcels are normally sent off the same day. I am based in Pretoria, South Africa, from where orders are shipped to customers by Trackable mail AT NO EXTRA COST to any SA Post Office. (or PostNet counter to counter delivery for an extra R 99.00 per knife.)


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683- Camel bone & Solid Brass

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